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CEN-PING Profile
Established Year: 1978
Registered Capital: US Dollars Six Million
CEO and President: Linda Z. Huang Internet: www.cen-ping.com
Employees: 2,000 Mail to: info@cen-ping.com
Certification: ISO9001: 2000 Certified Sales & Marketing: cen-ping@163.net
Products: Electro-Mechanical Components Engineering: cen-ping@126.com
Telephone: 0086 28 8738-2477 Quality Assurance: cen-ping@263.net
Facsimile: 0086 28 8738-2478 Production: cen-ping@163.com
Sales Office:
73-1-1004 Qili Garden
318 Qingyang Road
Chengdu 610091
Organization Chart

Corporate Headquarters

CEN-PING Industrial Co., Ltd.

CEO and President

Linda Z. Huang

VP of Sales & Marketing VP of Engineering VP of Manufacturing VP of Operations Manager of QA
David Zheng James Fu Ji Qing Linda R. Huang Gone Ding
Tel: (028)8737-4838 Tel: (0574)8863-3922 Tel: (0574)8688-0043 Tel: (028)8734-7733 Tel: (028)8737-4848
Cell: 0135 4037 0808 Cell: 0138 0583 1233 Cell: 0138 0586 6422 Cell: 0138 0801 0818 Cell: 0132 5831 5151
Manufacturing Facilities
USA Branch
HK Branch
Customer Service
Sourcing Group
Human Resources
Shafts  Comms Brush Cards Die Castings Magnets Assemblies
(Sanli) (CGW) (Shenqi) (TSC) (Liyuan) (CPM)
Fenghua Rui'an Yueqing Beilun Lishui Chengdu
CEN-PING History
1978 Cen-Ping was founded to manufacture electro-mechanical components.
1979 Shaft Factory founded in Fenghua, Ningbo.
1980 Factory of Sheet Metal Stamping founded in Cixi, Ningbo.
1983 Factory of Carbon Brushes & Brush Holder Assemblies founded in Yueqing, Wenzhou.
1988 Factory of Permanent Magnets founded in Lishui, Nanjing.
1993 Comm Factory founded in Rui'an,  Wenzhou.
1996 Factory of Die Castings founded in Beilun, Ningbo.
1998 Total annual export values of Cen-Ping reached 20 million US dollars.
2003 Corporate headquarters moved to 318 Qingyang Road, Chengdu.
2004 Factory of BLDC Stators founded in Wuhou, Chengdu.
2008 30 anniversary celebration was held on March 16.