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Br Residual Flux Density Gs Tc Cuire Temperature °C
HcB Coercive Force Oe Tw Max Working Temperature °C
HcJ Intrinsic Coercive Force MGOe αBr Temperature Coefficient %°C
(BH)max Max Energy Product Oe µrec Recoil Permeability

CEN-PING Magnets have set up strict quality assurance system to satisfy customers’ various kinds of requirements. We carry out the numerical management in the material accommodation, controlling of melting furnaces, analysis of average granularity, pressing shape, sintering temperature, machining and final packaging. 


Analytical balance

Analytical Photometer

Magnetic Properties Testing

Salt Spray Testing

Chemical Analysis

Main Tests:

  Raw Material Testing: 

purity of raw material

  Magnetic Powder Testing: 

chemical composition, oxygen content and analysis of average granularity

  Blank Testing:

oxygen content and part dimensions

  Semi-finished Product Testing: 

oxygen content, density, dimension tolerances, magnetic properties and crystal grain.

  Surface Treatment Testing: 

thickness of layer and salt spay test.