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Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel and/or Bronze
Kind: Spur Gear or Worm Gear
Small Module (M0.1 to M1) or Medium Module (M1 to M3)
Accuracy: Up to AGMA Grade 10 (GB Grade 6)
Process: Hobbing or Rolling, 
plus Shaving, Honing and/or Grinding if necessary
Usage: Automobile, Electric Motors and Powder Tools
State-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection equipment
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Material: Machined from cold rolled carbon steel tube
Typically ASTM 1015, ASTM 1020 and ASTM 1045 steel
Size: OD up to 228mm, with wall thickness of 2 to 14mm
Surface roughness: Ra. 0.8 Max.
Concentricity: 0.12mm max.
Typical tolerance: +/-0.03mm
Finish: Zinc Plating, Black Oxidize and Painting
Corrosion resistance: up to 96 hours' salt spray test

Brake Bodies

Material: Carbon steel or Alloy Steel
Usage: Brake assemblies
Finish: Zinc Plating, Black Oxidize and Painting
Could be assembled into brake assemblies.