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Carbon Brushes
Made of recognized prescription, introduced material from Morganite or SGL Carbon, 
and utilizing internationally advanced production craftsmanship.
We are able to analyze brush grades for sampling prior to full production.
The range of brush grades is suited for improved performance and life.
Complement our vast brush holder range of products.

Brush Springs
Typically type 301 stainless steel, for consistent quality, long life and stress retention.
Available as compression spring or flat spring. 
Our constant force springs increase brush life over conventional tension springs.
Single coil springs can be inter-wound increasing load for specific size restrictions.

Clip pressings, made from brass, stainless steel or plated mild steel to suit the application.
Single or double rivets to secure the constant force springs to the clip pressing.
Brush Holders, Cartridge
Made from quality brass bar and unbreakable class 'F', 'UL' approved insulation material.
Tunnel sizes range from 0.100" square up to 0.472" x 0.315" with most common sizes.

Brush Holders, Extruded
Made from quality brass tube and unbreakable class 'F', 'UL' approved insulation material.
All our range is 100% broached and gauged to very close tolerances.
The insulated OD can be machined concentric to the brass tube for an accurate alignment.
Tunnel sizes range from 0.064" square up to 0.750" x 0.375" with most common sizes.

Brush Holders, Pressed Brass
Made from quality brass sheet. Broached as necessary to ensure very close tolerances.
Designed to have a greater accuracy of tunnel alignment, improving brush life.
Tunnel sizes range from 0.099" x 0.119" up to 0.492" x 2.520" with most common sizes.

Brush Cards
Made from thermoplastic or thermoset plastics, UL listing and Class 'F' insulation. 
Plastics from world-class suppliers, i.e. DuPont, DSM and/or BASF. 
Can be assembled with brush assemblies, lead wires and end bells (aluminum).