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Equipped with the machines capable of producing 63 to 800 tons of clamping pressure, adopted the advanced computer
software CAD/CAM, Pro/E, Solidworks and UG II and automatic manufacturing system, Cen-Ping provides extremely 
cost-effective housings and end-bells in aluminum and zinc die casting that have wide applications in the electric motors,  
automotive, pump, valve, bearing, and automatic control industries.  
We have hot and cold chamber die casting machines with the necessary supporting equipment to manufacture die castings
to meet customers' quality and specification requirements.
Our employees are highly skilled and are trained constantly in support of the ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement. 
After each production run, mold maintenance department fully cleans and services each die before the next production run.
Cen-Ping specializes in producing castings of various shapes and sizes. Through inspection, die-castings are constantly 
monitored to ensure our customers that exact requirements are met and held throughout the entire production process.
Raw Material Tooling Design and Fabrication
A360, A380, and A383 aluminum alloy (ASTM B85-82) AutoCad (*.dxf / *.dwg file), Pro/E (*.igs / *.prt file)
ADC10 and ADC12 aluminum alloy (JIS H5302-82) Mould Fabrication
AlSi8Cu3, AlSi9Cu3 and AlSi12Cu aluminum alloy (DIN 1725) Mold Flow Submission Software (Magma Software)
Zamak-3 and Zamak-5 zinc alloy First Article / PPAP Submission
Melting and Die Casting Precision Machining
4 sets of Melting Furnaces UG II Software
Die Casting Machines (36 sets from 63 Tons to 800 Tons) 20 sets of CNC Turning Machines
With Super High/Slow Speed System 2 sets of CNC Milling Machines
With Mould Temperature Control System 8 sets of Machining Centers
Surface Finishing Secondary Operations
Hard Anodizing Trimming & Deburring
Painting: Wet Painting / Powder Painting Polishing
Plating (Nickel, Chrome, Copper, Gold and Silver) Vibratory Tumbling
Chemical Conversion Coating:  Sand Blasting / Bead Blasting
Yellow Chromate / Clear Chromate / Alodine 1200 / Iridite
Drilling and Tapping

Coordinate Measuring Machine


Real-time X-ray Machine

High-speed Cutting Machine

Auto Hardness Meter

Air Leakage Detector