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CEN-PING provides plastic and rubber injection molding components with machines ranging from 20 to 600 tons. 
CAD/CAM/CAE capability. Part weight from 0.050 lbs to 15 lbs.
In house mold design and fabrication.  Wall thickness from 1/4" to 5.0".
Typical lead time for tooling: 30 days.  Pad and Screen printing.
3 times less expensive than that in the USA.  Sonic welding.
Wide range of plastic and rubber materials: 
Plastic Material: ABS, PC, PA6, PA66, PA46, POM and POPP
Rubber Material: TPE, TPR, PVC, EVA and Santoprene
Compound: PC+ABS, PA/GF, PC/GF and ABS/GF (glass fiber)
Main material suppliers: DuPont, GE, DSM, BASF or Bayer
For accurate quote, please provide your technical drawing, 3D model, part volume and annual quantity. 
To contact us, please call: 1-866-CEN-PING(236-7464) or email: cen-ping@163.com

Item: End Bell

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Material: BMC
Usage: Electric motors

Item: End Lamm
Material: POM090, PBT3226
Color: Black or White
Usage: end insulation for armatures 

Item: End Lamms
Material: PA66 + 30% fiber glass
Color: Grey or Black
Usage: end insulation for armatures

Item: Brush Card

Material: PA46 or PA66 from DSM, DuPont or BASF
Class: 'F' insulation, up to 155C, 

Usage: Brush holder assembly.

Item: Worm Gear + Worm Shaft

Material: PA46 or PA66 from DSM, DuPont or BASF
Accuracy: Up to AGMA Grade 7
Could be mated with worm shaft (steel).