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Less Expensive tooling cost
Material grade: Non-oriented silicon steel and low carbon steel
50A270, 50A290, 50A470, 50A600, 50A800, 50A1000
Semi vs. Fully processed material Annealing after stamping
Surface insulation Usage: Armatures or Stators
Fast quote response
Part size: from 0.5 inch to 6 inch
Material thickness: 0.355mm (0.014 inch), 0.500mm (0.020 inch), 0.635mm (0.025 inch)
Tool Design and Fabrication
Major investment in computer aided design, the latest technology in wire cutting and machining centers guarantee the very
best in tool making.
From the most sophisticated carbide progression tooling to blank/notch, all designs and volumes can be accommodated.
We also offer our customers the extensive support of a motor design service through our Technical Center.  
In addition, by the use of our finite element analysis we are able to optimize customer designs.
Calculation work can be proved inside our test laboratory.
All measurements and evaluations are supported by computer.
Punching machines from 16 tons to 400 tons for high-speed production.
Heat treatment
Fully integrated annealing, de-carburising and steam bluing furnaces.
Close control at all times ensures optimum electrical characteristics.
Unrivalled facilities for all sizes of electrical rotating machines including:  
Welding Riveting Epoxy bonding Cleating Interlocking
Plus grinding, fine boring and balancing if required.