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Material: Iron base, with bronze sleeve optional
Accuracy: up to AGMA Grade 9 (GB Grade 7)
High hardness, high-temp resistance
High strength, high-wearing resistance
Rigid heat treatment process
Anti-rust treatment
Operating temperature:  -20°C to +120°C
Usage: automobile, electric motor and power tool


Material: Iron base, Iron-copper base and Copper base
Type: Cylindrical, Flanged, Spherical and Spherical with collar
High precision and low noise
Low friction coefficient and low risk of seizure
Permanent lubrication film

Loads: up to 150 MPa (1,500 kg/cm2)

Speeds: up to 30,000 rpm
Operating temperature:  -20°C to +120°C


Material: Porous spherical bronze powder
Usage: pneumatic equipment
Standard unit: 40m filtration - 10m, 20m,  90m, 
and other micron ranges are available.
Operating pressure: 0 to 8 bar
Operating temperature: -10°C to +250°C
Noise level at 6 bar: 71 to 108 dB(A)
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