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Armature Assembly

Usage: PMDC Motor and Universal Motor
Dynamically balanced and encapsulated
Open or closed ventilation (aluminum or plastic fan available)
Lubricated ball bearings or sleeves
Lamination OD: 0.5" to 5.5", Stack Length: Up to 5"
Wire Size: AWG 40-18
Insulation: Up to Class H

Frame + Magnet Assembly (Field)

Frame: machined from quality cold rolled seamless tube
Finish: Zinc Plating, Black Oxidize or Epoxy Coating
Corrosion resistance: up to 96 hours' salt spray test
Ferrite magnets, up to ceramic grade 8
Magnetic properties to be tested by specific testing apparatus
Adhesives to be RoHS compliant
Adhesion to be tested by custom-made tension tester

Power Set Brake Assembly

Power Off Brake: 12 VDC nominal
Release Voltage: 4.5 max.
Holding Force: 4 In-Lbs nominal
Brake Body: machined from cold rolled steel, chromate plating
Brake Disc: molded phenolic onto ADC 12 aluminum plate
Coil Resistance: 16 Ohms, made from AWG 31 magnet wire
Lead Wires: AWG 22, 19st x 34g, black, UL listed
Spring: in music wire, force at 17 lbs in compression state

End Cover Assembly

Aluminum die-casting end cover
Class H insulation brush card
Brush holder: stamping from cold rolled steel, zinc plating
Carbon brushes: custom grade, RoHS compliant
Lead wires: AWG 10, heavy-duty insulation, 180 rating
Spring: in 301 stainless steel, long life and consistent quality