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Types: Tang Type, Riser Type, Planar Type and Shell Type
Comm Bars: Oxygen-free Copper, Silver Copper and Solid Silver, Silver content up to 25 oz/ton  
Plating: Tin or Sliver, for improvement of soldering or fusing
Molding Compounds: Glass Fiber, UL Listed   Insulation between Bars:   Mica

Reinforced Rings:

Steel or Glass Fiber


Steel, Brass or Spring

Outside Diameter:

0.18" to 6.00"

Inside Diameter:

0.08" to 0.80"


0.20" to 3.50"

No. of Bars:

5 to 63

Annual capacity:

75 million

Research & Development:
We realized that our customers have to develop new products to meet the changing demand of the market. We therefore 
have set up a strong and capable research and development team to meet the requirements on new comm development.
We adopt AutoCAD, ProE, Solidworks and other 3-D software to design comms and tools.
We have our own tooling workshop equipped with CNC vertical machining
center, precision electric discharge machine and other advanced equipment.
We have a lab to carry out various kinds of tests on the incoming raw
materials, and on performance of our finished products.
We have the capability of developing over 20 models of new comms every month.

Quality Assurance:
It is understood that our customers desire to procure perfect components to ensure their final product quality so as to 
remain competitive in the global economy.
Our quality system is aiming at producing customer satisfied quality commutators.
It is documented and supported by quality assurance manuals and procedures, 
certified according to ISO-9001: 2000 and TS16949: 2002.
Continuously made improvements to the system to achieve better standards.
Trained and experienced QA personnel are included in every procedure of
production, equipped with precision measuring equipment and supported by
a lab for dimensional and performance testing.