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CEN-PING Specialty
We are capable of producing your current components at international quality standards.
We have just-in-time delivery.
Competitive pricing - factory direct, not a trading company.
All production facilities have ISO9000 or ISO/TS16949 certifications.
We are also capable of developing products to meet our customers' needs.
All of our resources are focused on quality, cost and service.
We have various kinds of manufacturing processes, such as die casting, investment casting, sand casting, hot forging,
drop forging, powder metal sintering, sheet metal stamping, plastic injection molding, and/or CNC machining,  in order
for you to realize cost reduction from an offshore supplier.  
We practice continuous improvement as a major company program:

Developing our own equipment and tools to produce specialized products for customers.
Conducting extensive reliability testing to ensure products perform at peak efficiency in a variety of conditions.
Continuously reviewing standardized work procedures to deliver defect-free products.
Running all processes in control through the use of SPC and SQC.
Just-in-time delivery and in quantities that are convenient to our customers.
Maintaining AutoCAD, Pro-E, Solidworks and other 3-D designs available for quick reference to engineers and customers.
Cellular manufacturing.